About Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer Group

About Real Estate Lawyer Group in Edmonton

We pride ourselves in being approachable and ‘down to earth’. You should feel comfortable coming into your lawyer’s office and we certainly strive to make our offices friendly and welcoming.

Good legal advice does not have to be expensive. We practice outside of the downtown area and can pass the fact of lower ‘overhead’ on to our clients in the form of reasonable fees. If you want someone in a three piece suit, head downtown; if you want someone who will listen and respond with practical and efficient legal advice, come and see Ricky.

Do bear it in mind that when choosing a real estate lawyer it is best to find expertise specifically in the real estate market. Ricky understands all of the rules and current practices relating to such items as property tax adjustments, community fee charges, condominium fees and special assessments, title insurance, home inspections, real property reports and neighboring encroachments.

Your real estate lawyer is the one who will also deal with the effects of personal injury, litigation, divorce and separation, incapacity and death. Make you choose a lawyer that would be able to give your necessary legal support even in difficult times.